The Answer remains to be Seen

November 19, 2009

Yay or Nay??

NEW YORK- Allen Iverson officially cleared waivers this evening and is officially a free agent. The Knicks who have went from cold to warm on the decision to acquire the 34-year-old guard are speculated to make an offer no later than this weekend, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations. Fans in the area are eager to welcome AI to New York and see how he fits with the struggling team.

Iverson who was recently waived by the Memphis Grizzlies was upset with coming off the bench behind three-year veteran Mike Conley. The team and Iverson agreed to part ways earlier this week after he took a granted leave for personal reasons. Knick general manager Donnie Walsh made a strong sign of interest when he recently contacted Iversons former coach Larry Brown. Brown was known to feud with Iverson when they were together in Philadelphia reportedly gave his vote of approval.

New York is off to a 2-9 start and have seven players in the last year of their contracts. They have significantly cleared cap room to make a run at the available players in the vaunted free agent class of 2010, and are unwilling to enter into any long-term deals. Iverson would financially make sense to sign because he will more than likely not command a contract extending past this season, and could dramatically improve the offense. The downside is, Iverson can take minutes away from starters Chris Duhon and improving rookie Toney Douglas. Coach D’antoni also would not want to disrupt the chemistry or lack there of that the current team has.

By the judge of things a shakeup to this team could a good thing. As obvious as it may look the Knicks should make an attempt to compete in as many games as possible to show pending free agents that the younger pieces of this roster are talent laden. They have promising players in second year forward Danilo Gallinari, third year guard Wilson Chandler and rookies Toney Douglas and Jordan Hill.

A proven scorer Allen Iverson averaged 12 points in three games with Memphis. He can bring an excitement that Madison Square Garden hasn’t seen since Brooklyn born Stephon Marbury was traded to the team. Only time will tell if the oft injured guard as of late can help or be banished like his predecessor.


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