JDizzle’s Week 11 Picks

November 18, 2009

Bet with caution..T.O.N.Y Sports is not responsible for your gambling blunders-

These games are tough this week…bet with caution… I will be sitting on my hands this weekend–

Tomorrow Night:

Carolina / Miami

Pick: Carolina -3—The Wildcat will be ineffective since Ronnie Brown will be out—Carolina is coming off a nice win vrs Atlanta—Take the Panthers.

check the jump for more…

Detroit /Cleveland-

Pick: Detroit -3.5 –Granted, Detroit should never be favored, but Cleveland is terrible, and Cribbs after that hit probably will not be playing so Detroit should be able to win that game with ease.


Pick: Jacksonville -8.5—Buffalo fired its head coach this weekend and that can only mean miscommunication on Sunday…Buffalo historically never plays well in warm weather, so my pick is Jacksonville after a good performance over the Jets last Sunday.


Pick: Pitt -10.5

KC is coming off it’s second win of the season, but realistically they have no chance to win and I never take an underdog unless they can win the game outright.  If you must, pick Pitt.


Pick : Indi -1—This is another tough game.  These next three games for the Ravens will determine their season, however they aren’t very good offensively and for that reason I do not believe that they can keep up with the Colts offense.  Colts also have not lost and I don’t expect them to this weekend.

Upset Special—


Pick: Jets +10.5—After that loss in addition to the emotion in that locker room, the Jets will play the Pats as hard as possible.  Maybe they win, maybe they wont, but baring a complete debacle, the Jets should cover.

Monday Night Game


Pick Tenn +4.5—Tenn is hot right now and they are playing the spoiler roll.  This is a divisional game on Monday night, so expect a hard fought close game…In these kinda games I always like the underdog.  If this game was at Tenn it would be a PK, so why not take the points?

Other Games I advise not to touch with a 10ft pole—These Teams are extremely unpredicatable on a week to week basis so who knows…why touch em…Giants are -6.5 against ATL? Who would touch that… seriously, watch that game, don’t bet on it.

Seattle/Minn…AtL/Giants…Wash/Dallas…Cinncy Oakland…Philly Cago–layy off 🙂




  1. damn kid i thought friday was the picks??!! you got me betting too early!

  2. i wanted to get Thurs line in too..my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  3. […] JDizzle off to a rough start, but don’t count him out. […]


    • u had carolina incorrect then changed it after they lost u lyn sack of shit…i bet my picks so I stick by my picks…if my readers lose I lose…can u say that?

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