Carlos Delgado can’t be a Met next season

November 18, 2009


According to Ben Shipgel of the NY Times, Mets GM Omar Minaya will fly to Puerto Rico to scout free agent 1st baseman Carlos Delgado in winter ball.  Delgado has been a productive Met, racking up 104 HR’s and 339 RBI’s, while batting .272 in 338 games for the Metropolitans.  Carlos has been one of my favorite Met players over the last four years, but it is time to part ways with the future hall-of-famer. 

The Mets are my first love when it comes to sports, and I have truly enjoyed watching Carlos Delgado play for my squad.  He was huge in the 2006 playoffs and had an MVP caliber season in 2008.  I think he’s a fascinating player, very intelligent, and when healthy is one of the most feared sluggers in the sport.  Nevertheless, I ultimatley feel the Mets need to move on from the past four dissapointing seasons, and that includes my man Carlos Delgado. 

Every season for the past three years, fans and reporters have argued that the Mets team is the same as those that have failed and ripped the heart out of their fan base.  Yet, Mets management keeps clinging to those same players, doing very little to change the core of the team.  Sure, they traded for Johan Santana, one of, if not the best pitcher in the game and signed one of the top closers in the game in K-Rod, but the core players still remained from those teams that choked down the stretch. 

I believe the Mets organization, at the very least, need to rotate their players to change up the faces and culture of a team that has not been able to get it done despite having the highest payroll in the NL.  Of course last season was splattered with injuries left and right, but please do not forget 2007 and 2008 when the Mets pulled a Latrell Sprewell.  It is time to dislodge the old leadershhip in favor of a new one.

Carlos Delgado was needed in 2006, at the very least to help bring Carlos Beltran along after a dissapoiting 2005 season for the center fielder. However, after watching this team the passed few seasons, I get the impression that Delgado leads the Mets as a bunch of individuals, instead of a team.  Beltran, on the other hand, views the game as a total team sport, one in which every one works together and does whatever is necessary to achieve a common goal, be it scoring one run, winning one game, or winning one ring.  As a life-long Met fan, I truly believe Beltran is more than prepared to be the team’s elder-statesman, and so he should be allowed to do so, without Delgado’s influence.

Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, David Wright, and yes Jose Reyes work the hardest out of anyone on the team.  They are the Mets biggest stars and it is time to make these four players (and possibly some new ones acquired via trade or free agency) the leaders.  These four players must lead the rest of the team to be the best, end of story.  There are no excuses anymore. 

I thank you Carlos Delgado for your service over the past four seasons.  I will miss watching the fear you put into opposing pitchers in every at bat.  But it is time for new blood to lead the way. 





  1. Delgado is that dude, if we can sign him to a 2 year deal with the 2nd being a team option for a decent cost than do it. He was our best playoff performer in 2006 and I think he deserves another chance to get in there. He is also a class act and a veteran, I don’t wholly agree with your opinion on his leadership abilities though. Man do you remember him after all-star break 2 years ago?? good lord!!

    David Wright dissapointed me last year when everyone went down, he says all the right things makes the right moves and looked to be the next leader of the team, however he failed at taking advantage of it last year. I think if we’re going to trade anyone right now it should be him. he’s got a ton of trade value right now and I think we can get someone of equal talent with more leadership skills, but only if that certain player is available.

    Beltran, this guy will never be a leader because of his demeanor, I love the guy but he just does not have that skill set, the only reason I would not trade him though I would if the right trade came along is because he’s probably hands down the best center fielder in the NL.

    I’m giving Jose one more shot this year, but the guy needs some backup at the 2 hole to help move him along the bases. we all know what happens when he gets into scoring position.

    i’m also beginning to be mad suspect of Jerry Manuels managing abilities.

  2. I agrree delgado has been a bad influence on these players. he’s 38 years old and is bound to get hurt again

  3. The Mets need to move on from Delgado, even if it means Murphy at first. The Mets can’t afford to bring in a 38 year old with hip issues in on a guarenteed contract. -Tommysports of newyorksportszone.com

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