5 Reasons Allen Iverson needs to be Signed to the Knicks

November 18, 2009

Allen Iverson as a Hoya

Straight to the Point, 5 Reasons why the Knicks NEED TO SIGN Allen Iverson NOW!!!

More after the jummmmmmmmmmmmppppppppp…..

1. We are off to the worst start in franchise history- Everyone in the country knows that we are aiming for the summer of 2010. However, winning 10 games this season and losing 72 will turn off the greediest of free agents. AI won’t take us to the finals but he can help us win a decent amount of games.

2. Legitimate scoring threat- Allen Iverson is a four-time NBA scoring champion and carries a career 27 ppg scoring average, which is fifth all-time. He can dribble penetrate with the best of them and is a legitimate threat from anywhere on the floor. His aggressiveness to the basket will free up wing players like Gallinari and Chandler to shoot more often when their open.

3. ┬áSuper Star Status- He’s 34 years old and at the tail end of his prime, but Allen Iverson has been a star of the NBA since he was drafted in 1996. Popular amongst fans he is a 10 time all-star and possesses one of the quickest and prettiest crossovers in the entire league.

4. Georgetown Roots- AI is only one of two players to leave Georgetown early under the coaching of John Thompson, who also coached one of our most beloved players Patrick Ewing. He was the Big East rookie of the year, a two-time Big East defensive player of year winner and an All-American. Suffice it to say, he is very familiar with the confines of Madison Square Garden.

5. Veteran- Although Allen Iverson is not considered the leader type, he has been in the league for 13 seasons making the playoffs in 9 of them with one NBA finals appearance. I don’t think he would hinder the progress of young players like Gallinari, Chandler, Hill or Douglas. If anything he can teach them what a winning mentality is. Iverson has been a consistent winner during his tenure with 4 NBA teams while the Knicks have consistently lost for 9 seasons.

Allen Iverson is Allen Iverson and what you see is what you get. He can potentially ignite this current team from their funk and add some invigoration to the dead Garden. As a fan,. I am sick to my stomach with what’s been displayed in 10 games so far, and I feel that we need to make an attempt to win to attract a big free agent next season. AI is electric and he can take over games, he has a certain swag in his step that reminds me of what New York basketball used to represent. The man plays good defense and is a competitor, something this Knick team is in desperate need of.

I think I speak for all New York basketball fans in saying that we would welcome Iverson with open arms. What are you waiting for Donnie Walsh?



  1. You forgot one thing…he’s street. This team needs some toughness. It needs to learn to fight and AI is a prime example of how heart, fight and determination can WIN GAMES. And that’s all we want as fans, right? We’re not asking for 40 wins, just not 18.

  2. agreed

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