Who said there’s no crying in football?

November 17, 2009

A day after the Jets lost a crippling game to the Jaguars, head coach Rex Ryan gathered his team for the traditional Monday morning meeting.  Except, this meeting was different.  According to several players, Rex delivered an impassioned speech to his players that was so emotionally charged it brought him to tears. Plenty of players were left stunned, and many were quoted as saying it made them want to run right out of the auditorium and straight on a plane to Foxborough for Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

“He didn’t bash us at all; he was just very emotional . . . he was crying,” right tackle Damien Woody told The New York Post. “Rex believes in our team so much I can’t even put it into words and it would be a shame if we didn’t capitalize on our opportunity.”

Star corner back Darrelle Revis shared the same sentiments: “I was a little upset to see him that way,”  “I’m upset for the same reasons he’s upset.  I almost shed a tear with him”

Asked if he’s ever been a part of a meeting with such high-powered emotions, Revis said: “No, I haven’t been a part of a meeting where a coach cried like that. . . . In the future, I hope there are more tears of joy than the one this morning.”

Rex Ryan was obviously upset because he felt he had let the team down.  The Jets on numerous occasions has communication problems that led to burning timeouts and allowing big pass plays that ultimately cost them the game.  Although the players took full responsibility for the loss, Rex would not allow the blame to stay with them.

“I’m not going to change who I am.  I’m a brash guy.  I said that someone would have egg on their face, and that someone is me.  I take full responsibility for what happened Sunday.  Nobody feels worse than me.”

Damien Woody said he felt fired up after the meeting.

“Whatever each individual is doing, just step it up,” Woody said. “Rex’s thing was to just sell out. That’s the type of guy you want to play for. He knows the potential for this team and what we’re capable of.

“He wants guys to understand how good we can be if we just do the little things. It all goes back to his belief in this team. That’s why he was so emotional. He was crying because he believes in our team so much he sees the opportunity and it would be a shame if we didn’t capitalize on our opportunity.”

In other Jets news, the team and defensive line coach Kerry Locklin mutually agreed to part ways late Monday afternoon.  The move comes after Rex and Locklin were shown conversing often during the game, in which some feel it was Locklin’s fault for the defensive miscommunications.  Coach Ryan would not comment further on the situation.

Although Rex Ryan took the blame, there was a “scapegoat” of sorts.   The Jets also cut CB and special teams ace Ahmad Carroll because he apparently “didn’t do his homework.”  Also, safety Jim Leonhard will have minor surgery on his thumb, and it is not known how long he will be out for.  He is doubtful for Sunday’s big game against New England.

Via NY Post


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