In the words of Marv Albert: “Yesssss!!!!”

November 17, 2009

Open at Work with Caution...

Bits n’ Pieces

– Source: Johnson signs with Bengals

– Trade me!! Warriors send Stephen Jackson to Charlotte

– I like my Patron Straight, Tequila files charges against Charger’s Merriman

Ohhh Yeeaaahhh…Sexy Stacy Keibler… Inside…

More and caution after the jump…

– Daddy is having fun again, Agent says Martinez wants to pitch in 2010

– Slow crawl, Ravens dispatch Browns

– My middle finger won’t go down how do I wave??, NFL fines Titans Owner for gesture

– Super FROSH!!!, John Wall hits game winner for Kentucky

In honor of the WWE’s annual Survivor Series PPV this Sunday, we will hit you with some of the best Diva’s Vince McMahon has to offer.  Up first, none other than the sassy Stacey Keibler.



  1. I thought I told my girlfriend no mas culo pics… Once again she didn’t listen..

    • Hopkins you beast… that’s my chick

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