Do Knicks Need The Answer??

November 17, 2009

Stephon Marbury part 2?

The crossover, the quickness, the MVP season and one trip to the NBA finals. Allen Iverson sans the corn rows will be an unrestricted free agent tomorrow after being waived by the Memphis Grizzlies. Iverson 34, signed a year deal with Memphis this past summer but shortly after arriving stated his displeasure with his role coming off the bench. He left the team due to personal matters on November 7th which the team granted, however yesterday the Grizzlies announced that Allen’s one year contract was being terminated due to the matters that needed his full attention off the court. It was said that both parties agreed to this resolution and parted amicably.

In three games with the Grizzlies Iverson averaged 12 points, 4 assists and shot 58% from the field.

The Daily News is reporting that the Knicks may be interested in the services of the eccentric 16 year veteran. He is at the end of the day Allen Iverson, and he will bring along his resume of all-star appearances, flashy ball handling skills and  scoring mentality. He will also bring his nonchalant attitude, a history of feuds with coaches, and brash attitude. Will this help the Knicks or result in their failure by brining in another habitual malcontent? (see Stephon Marbury)

“We’ll look into it,”  Knick GM Donnie Walsh told the Daily News. “Right now, I’d say probably not but we’ll see.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Knicks are off to their worst start (1-10) since the team debuted in 1946, they have been the perennial laughing-stock of the NBA for close to nine years. They have suffered bad management, salary cap restrictions and the Isaiah Thomas era. A  far cry from the teams consecutive playoff berths and two NBA Finals appearances in the 90’s.

Sources close to the ten time all-star according to the Daily News say that he’d be eager to play in Mike D’antoni’s up tempo system. He expressed the same feelings over the summer but the Knicks passed on offering him a deal. The Knicks who are in rebuilding mode need to mull over a few things. Can Iverson potentially help the team this season and make a push for the playoffs, or will he hinder the progress of younger players like, Danilo Gallinari, Toney Douglas, Jordan Hill and Wilson Chandler? Mike D’antoni would also have to deal with getting ample playing time to a backcourt that is already full of guards.

Answer Versus the Black Cat

The Knicks have one roster spot available and are in desperate need of some assistance to at least make the team watchable for the remainder of the season. Allen Iverson is also a free agent and is not attached to a multi-year deal that could affect the teams salary cap for 2010. He is a prolific scorer and a dynamic player when he wants to be, and owns career averages of 27 ppg, 6 apg and 2 steals per game. He was a two-time all-star game MVP in ten appearances, a 4 time NBA scoring champion, and won the league MVP award in the 2000-2001 season while leading the Sixers to the finals. He is also one of the few players to ever make Michael Jordan look foolish when he crossed him over in 1996.

What do the Knicks really have to lose? I say sign Allen Iverson to a one year deal with playoff incentives and see where he can get us. He does want to start and I don’t blame him, because even at 34 years of age he hasn’t slowed down significantly and he will be a better option then either Duhon at the point guard or Hughes at the shooting guard.




  1. This is a no brainer, if we dont get him we r retarded

  2. man listen.. he better be signed by the end of day tomorrow for real

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