November 15, 2009

The New York Jets may have seen their playoff chances fly away Sunday as they lost 24-22 against a mediocre Jaguars team.  Despite first half struggles, the Jets were in prime position to win the game in the final minutes, with their 2nd ranked defense on the field leading by 1.  There were plenty of early mistakes and missed chances, but all could have been forgiven.  Instead, Bart Scott, Kerry Rhodes and the rest of the obnoxious Jets defenders let their fan base down. 

“Embarrasing…just embarrasing” said Bart Scott after the game.

Embarrassing?  More like pathetic. 

In the early going, the Jets looked rusty and unmotivated in every aspect of the game.  Coming off a bye, you expected this Jets team to be anxious and ready to dominate a Jacksonville team with an average at best offense and defense.  However, it was the Jets that had no rhythm and it was the Jets who looked mediocre.  Sanchez showed happy feet, missed wide open receivers, and threw two more interceptions.  Thomas Jones was able to rip off big chunks every time he carried, but there still seemed no sustained inclination to run the ball down the defense’s throat—again.

On defense, the Jets were shredded by Maurice Jones-Drew right up the middle run after run, 55 yards on the first drive alone which ended with a 33 yard touchdown.  He had 78 yards rushing in the first quarter.  Meanwhile David Garrard kept making plays, including running for a touchdown, and looked the far more poised quarterback on the field.

By the end of the first half, the Jets had been convincingly outplayed and trailed 21-13.  It could have been worse.  The Jags missed a 49 yard field goal.

In the third quarter it seemed as if neither team wanted to win the game.  The Jets defense stepped up, but the offense once again seemed out of rhythm.  Im sure other Jets fans join in my pain and agony having to watch Brian Shottenheimer call a game.   The Jaguars appeared to put the nail in the coffin when  Sanchez  on a WR hitch threw it right into the arms of a Jacksonville rusher, Groves, and he ran  it back to the Jets’ four yard line.  The tide appeared to turn however when the sure-handed Jones-Drew fumbled on the two yard line and David Harris recovered.  Could this be the break the Jets needed? Did the Jets have the will to make something of disaster averted?  No.   They proceeded to fumble the ball back again, at the end of a long gain by Braylon Edwards. 

After a 3 and out from Jacksonville, the Jets offense picked it up, scoring a field goal early in the 4th.  The defense would hold again, three and out and it would be up to the offense to get the lead.  They drove down the field in nearly eight minutes and punched it in, but of course there was a cost.  On 1st and goal from the one, confusion led Sanchez to call the second time out.  The first had also been burned in confusion by Sanchez and now they would be desperately short.  When Braylon Edwards dropped the two point conversion on a horrible lob throw from Sanchez (THROW THE BALL LIKE A MAN!), all the margin for error was gone.  They had the lead but it was razor-thin at 22-21.

Still, the Jets were left in a position they would sign up for all day: a lead, at the end of the 4th quarter, and their 2nd ranked defense on the field.  Nonetheless, the Jaguars sliced up the Jets defense, and after an incredible heads up play by MJD when he went against scoring a TD and took a knee to run some clock, Jacksonville kicked the game winning 21 yard field goal, ultimately ending the Jets season. 

It was a bad day all around, but all thoughts about Rex Ryan’s coaching ability just went from nervousness to panic.  Rex has shown HORRIBLE in-game coaching skills, as well as an inability to manage the clock.  The Jets on two separate occasions had to burn a time out because they had 12 men on the field.  At the NFL level that is unacceptable. 

The Jets did not play last weekend, and Ryan made the unusual decision to give his players six days off. He said last week that his decision would be judged by Sunday’s result.

Afterward, he acknowledged his vulnerability on that question. He also said, “We’ve got to learn to finish” and “we have no excuses” and “we’re not dead yet.”

The Jets have a lot of talent, and Mark Sanchez will be a top NFL QB down the road.  But as far as this season, the Jets will be lucky to go 8-8.  Maybe Bart Scott, Kerry Rhodes, and the rest of the loud mouths will shut up and eat some humble pie.  You can only talk the talk, if you can walk the walk. 

The Jets travel to New England next Sunday to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Game time is TBD. 

Jets Player of the Game: CB Darrelle Revis- Revis once again showed why he is regarded as the top cover man in the game, shutting down the lethal Mike Sims-Walker.  Revis held the wide out to just two catches for 23 yards.  The only play when Revis was not on Sims-Walker, he scored a 26 yd TD.

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  1. Jet defense was pathetic in the 4th

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