Mets don’t need Hudson

November 13, 2009
Cardinals Holliday Baseball

The Mets should forget Orlando Hudson. Sign Matt Holliday. NOW.

The Mets are in the top-tier of teams in the NL when at full strength, but management shouldn’t be fooled into overthinking moves this offseason because of a poor finish in 2009. This 92-loss team was ravaged with injuries, and I believe the Mets will be back at the top of NL in 2010, but they need to cool out on the Orlando Hudson talk.

Second base is not a make or break position. A team will never need a second basemen to hit 30 HRs or drive in 100 RBIs. They are few of those type of second baseman in the league — Chase Utley comes to mind — but one is not needed to win a championship.

Look at the WS champions from the past 10 ten years and who played second base for them: Chuck Knoblauch, Tony Womack, Adam Kennedy, Luis Castillo, Mark Bellhorn, Tadahito Iguchi, Adam Kennedy, Dustin Pedroia, Chase Utley, and Robinson Cano.

Besides Pedroia — who won MVP in 2007 — and Utley, the others were serviceable players who played good defense and had a slightly above average bat.


Mark Bellhorn won a chip with the Sox in 2004. He batted .260.

That’s why the Mets should save their money and not invest in Orlando Hudson. First, just because a player “wants to play” for a certain team, doesn’t mean that player will produce. Second, the Mets should wisely — as IllWill said — trade Castillo and his $8 million a year contract for some prospects or bullpen help. ESPN ranked the Mets farm system in the teens, so some help to a depleted farm system could prove prudent, and who knows, it could help in dealing for Roy Halladay (OK, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself).

Though Hudson is an excellent fielder, he’s only batted over .300 once in seven years, and never scored 100 runs or walk 100 times. So why give this guy a multi-year contract worth in upwards of $18 million? It just doesn’t make sense. In these tough economic times, teams need to prudently invest, and if the Mets are not getting a guy like Pedroia or Utley, I would spend my money elsewhere.

The Mets should resign Alex Cora, move him to second, and spend the money they saved on trading Castillo and not signing Hudson, on Matt Holliday and John Lackey.

The Mets need power. They need pitching. They don’t need a 32-year-old second baseman who has serious wrist issues and was benched the final two months in LA for Ronnie Belliard. Doesn’t that sound an alarm to Mets fans? The Dodgers wanted RONNIE BELLIARD to start over Hudson. Smells fishy to me. Maybe three years ago this was a good deal, but for now, it’s not what the Mets need.

Holliday would bring more speed to the outfield and a power bat that could hit 30 HRs and drive in 100 RBIs. He also can steal the Mets about 30 stolen bases.

Need more convincing?

His NL and AL splits from last year were laughable. He batted .286 with 54 RBIs and 11 homeruns in 93 games with Oakland. With St. Louis, he batted .353 with 55 RBIs and 13 homeruns in 63 games. OK, so he batted behind Albert Pujols, but in a lineup with David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado, you don’t think he’ll get pitches to hit?


John Lackey is exactly what the Mets need.

The Mets also need another No. 1 starter. They have Johan Santana, who when healthy, is utterly insane, but besides that, they have a bunch of No. 4 and 5’s in their rotation. A guy like Lackey could solidify this rotation, eat 200 innings, and provide the Mets with the best 1-2 punch in the NL.

So forget Hudson. Get Holliday and Lackey, and the Mets will be parading down the Canyon of Heroes in 2010.



  1. I would love if the Mets signed Lackey and Holliday (rather trade for Halliday instead of signing Lackey) but how would signing hudson prevent them for signing these two? Hudson will cost about$3mil per year and altho he’s not a star he would help this team not only on field but off as he’s great in the club house (apparently). Alex Cora? C’mon…he showed last year he cant play everyday.

    If Hudson wants too much money or more than a 2-3 year deal then fuck him and look elswhere. But you wouldnt sign him for what the Dodgers gave him last year?

    Also, Delgado is a free agent and I dont think the Mets will sign him.

    • i think Hudson is gonna look for a multi-year deal, anywhere from 6-9 mill per. I just think save money, and invest in what the team needs most. Pitching and Power. Hudson doesnt bring either. You could resign cora for damn near nothing, and now the mets would have $$ to resign delgado (one year deal) and go after holliday, lackey and even molina. Those are their most pending needs, not a second baseman. You agree? I know u hate castillo, but trading off his contract and saving $ on that position is the most prudent move.

  2. If hudson wants more than 5 million a season then no i dont want him. but i dont think hes going to get that. He only got a 1 year deal last season for 3 million. I want roy halladay first and foremost and if they cant get him then sign lackey. I dont think the mets will sign matt holliday if they get lackey or the doc. I would look to sign other players who can give you pop like maybe trading for jorge cantu and putting him at first and taking a look at a 1 year deal for jermaine dye. i would love bengie molina at the catchers spot.

    If you have a staff with santana and the doc or lackey, and a lineup with reyes, wright, beltran, francouer, orlando hudson, jorge cantu, and jermaine dye you do not need matt holliday.

    remember, next years free agents are much better.

  3. As a Phillies fan, please sign Lackey! He fits right in with this injury prone, over-rated Mets team. Lackey hasnt thrown 200 innings since like 2007 and hasnt pitched a full season since then either.

  4. Boo Phillies…. you guys want Lackey cause Cole Hamels is obviously a choke artist…. I agree with the Diatribe sign Cora and try to trade Castillo, if there no takers keep him at 2nd because were not going to get a top tier 2nd baseman of castillos stature. and the guy didnt do that bad for us last season… i like the idea of getting Dye and Molina.. whatever the Mets do this winter it better be to win cause our window of opportunity is closing by each passing season

  5. LOL! NO way I want Lackey, I’d rather us take a chance with Sheets. In al honesty I hope The Mets are better next year. This regular season was a yawn fest without any solid comp from you guys

  6. mets and phillies both horrid yanksssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! 2777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

  7. @Claudy I def gotta give you some props for coming into a NY sports blog… lol yeah i miss those summer Phillie Met games as well, we’ll be healed up by the end of the winter and hopefully have some new faces in place.. so watch out cause were after that pennant

  8. Yea Young Jedi,

    I’m from Philly but live in NYC now so Im surrounded by NY sports all year LOL. I love all my Philly teams, with the exception of the Sixers; been a Knick fan since the Charles Oakley days LOL

    • wow.. that must be tough but again I gotta give you some props. you didnt like the Sixers when AI was there?? you had a NBA finals appearance with basically AI and a bunch of castoffs.

      ahhh… were both in the same boat with the Knicks… we can both wish for LBJ this summer

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