Duhon Remains Knick Starting Point Guard

November 13, 2009

We want Toney Douglas

Alan Hahn of Newsday is reporting that Chris Duhon has a full endorsement  from Coach Mike D’antoni and will remain the Knicks starting point guard. Duhon who has been struggling mightily since the start of the season received some boos during Wednesdays loss against the Atlanta Hawks. Duhon is averaging 7 points a game along with 6 assists, which is down from his career highs last season.

“Duhon is my point guard,” D’Antoni said Thursday. “He is in a funk. We have to get him out of it.”

Chris Duhon is in a major funk and needs to be regulated to the back up point guard position. Rookie Toney Douglas has clearly outplayed him in the past 3 games and is beginning to come into form early in the season.  D’antoni was a major force in signing Duhon and believed that he can run the team until 2010.

Regardless of who the starters are Toney Douglas needs to get major minutes. He may be the Knicks only hope in a season so far filled with disappointment.




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