Michael Jordan passes the Shoe Torch to Dwayne Wade

November 12, 2009
Flash and MJ

The greatest ever and the greatest now...

Last night in Miami during the Jordan Brand Silver Anniversary conference, newly minted hall of famer Michael Jordan was joined by current Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade to unveil the much rumored Air Jordan 2010. The sneaker will make its way to store shelves on February 13th but Flash will  be the first to wear the shoe during the nationally televised Christmas day game versus the New York Knicks.

Michael Jordan has turned his name and affinity for sneakers to a multi million dollar subsidiary of Nike. He had this to say last night about Wade “Sometimes you have to pass the torch. … He epitomizes what the brand represents”

Wade responded by saying “I was in awe, because I know what it means to not only be a part of Jordan Brand but really represent Michael on the court in the shoe he would wear,very excited, to say the least.”

Sneaker connoisseurs have been quick to say that the style of the shoe is not up to par with past Air Jordan releases since photos of the shoe were leaked online this past summer. Though the design aspect may have sneaker heads up in arms, it is undoubtedly a high performance shoe using the latest technology that is fit for Flash and the Black Cat.

The shoe will retail for $170.00.



  1. you guys feelin’ these kicks or what??

  2. I can’t think of anyone more fitting than Dwade to pitch Air Jordans.

  3. agreed air force ones… they both have that fourth quarter tenacity… be on the look out for sneaker reviews on this site and thanks for the support!

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