In the words of Marv Albert: “Yesssss!!!!”

November 12, 2009



Un Momento Mami... Slow up your Tempo

We had Joe B’s current wifey up earlier this week, here his ex…. speaking of ex I’m single too chula, que pasa con tu numero?? lol




  1. LOL…bro…there is no way that ass is real…that has to be photo-shopped…if not, Im speechless…damn!!

  2. ass is real homie.. confirmed… so sir.. speechless it is lmfao

    • dont open at work!!!! i damn near had a heart attack!!!!

  3. i think i really love Tahiry yo.. hahaha

  4. i’d love to see more comments on this since its the most hit lol.. but i think everyone gets stuck on stupid while looking at my wifey… hahaha

  5. id hit that

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