Chone What?? Mets eye Angels Figgins

November 12, 2009
Chone Figgins

How can you not want a guy named Chone?

The Mets are believed to be after Angels 2nd baseman Chone Figgins. Figgins who can also play all outfield positions including each position in the infield except for the pitcher and catcher is currently a free agent. He is a highly sought after player because of his ability to play anywhere on the diamond, has speed and decent glove skills.

Talks during the Chicago GM meetings is that the Mets are trying to free up some cap space before offering a deal. Luis Castillo who currently patrols 2nd base for the Mets and has the same agent as Chone is in the middle of a 2 year contract, and the Mets don’t seem to be in the position to add more to their pay roll. Figgins who is 31 years old led the AL with 101 walks, hit .298 this season and carried an OBP of .395.

I think the addition of Figgins with Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran at the top of the lineup would form a formidable trio. They all have speed and can bat either left or right-handed. In the spacious Citi Field the Mets can use that type of speed to help them contend in the NL East. With the addition of a power hitting first baseman and some starting pitching help the Mets can really poise themselves to make another pennant run next season since 2006.



  1. how confident are you that dude will come through for that amount? i’m not sure man but we need some help and if we can get Figgins whos mad versatile I wouldnt mind

  2. he wants to stay in Chicago

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