Is superagent Scott Boras crazy?

November 11, 2009

Superagent Scott Boras is looking to get Johnny Damon a four-year deal.

Answer: Yes.

The most powerful agent in Major League Baseball is preparing for his favorite part of the baseball season, the off-season, and has his eyes set on cashing in on this year’s class of free agent.

Boras, whose client list includes A-Rod, Matt Holliday and Mark Teixeira, has made it clear he wants Yankees OF Johnny Damon to get a big pay day this offseason.

“His durability is off the charts,” Boras said of Damon. “Chronological age does not have anything to do with a player of his genetics. Certainly you have to look at the Yankees’ history and what they’ve paid players of his like age who maybe did not have his genetics.”

OK, so Johnny Damon joins elite company for consecutive years (12) playing 140-plus games. The only other players to do that were Hank Aaron, Pete Rose and Brooks Robinson.

Boras noted that SS Derek Jeter had three consecutive great years, while Damon experienced similar success. They feed of each other, he said, and create a lethal 1-2 combo at the top of the lineup. Over the last three years, Damon has an .813 OPS with 53 homers and 68 steals compared to .829/41/56 for Jeter.

With that in mind, Boras is trying to get Damon a three, or four-year deal at about $15 million per year. Is Boras nuts? By the end of August, Damon had already begun to show signs of wear, and he didn’t hit a homerun in his final 80 at-bats of the season. By September, he looked nothing like the player from April to June, and the Yankees should be wary that this will be a growing trend with Damon.

Add that on to the fact that he is a liability in left field, and often loses his focus on easy pop-ups, and it’s a no-brainer. With a team looking to build a faster, younger, more defensive-minded team moving forward, the Yankees would be wise to only sign Damon to a one-year deal.

If he declines a one-year deal, let him go. The Yankees will be better served with one-less 30-something year-old on the team, especially one who can’t play the outfield. Boras referred to other older Yankees who received long-term deals — Rivera, Posada, and soon, Jeter — but if Boras thinks GM Brian Cashman will handle Damon like he did Posada and Rivera, he is sorely mistaken.

Posada and Rivera are life-long Yankees. Damon isn’t. What choice did Cashman have? Would he have found a better closer or offensive catcher on the market?

Doubt it.

So if Boras wants to play hardball with the Yanks, Damon might find himself somewhere other than Bronx in 2010.



  1. lmfaooooo, did he bat in the 2 hole this season?

  2. Yeah, but Boras is a complete ‘tard. Who would give Damon a four year deal?

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