Dr. Girasole on Call…Patient: New York Mets

November 11, 2009


As a die-hard Mets fan, you can imagine how tough it was to watch a Yankees-Phillies World Series.  It became even tougher when I watched Ted Ginn return two kicks for TD’s against my second love, the Jets.  The Islanders have great young talent, St. John’s hoops might surprise this year, but my best shot at a championship is the New York Mets.  As the parades have ended and the empty Champagne bottles have been recycled, it is now time to welcome the Mets back into the New York sports world.  There is a lot of work to do in repairing this team, but Dr. Girasole (how corny) is on call and ready when needed. 

First and foremost, the Mets MUST explore trading for Roy Halladay.  You built a pitcher’s park, that’s made for halladay-large-754533pitching, speed, and defense, yet your current pitching staff sucks (minus Santana of course.)   Does this make sense to anybody?  I’m hearing Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, or maybe even signing Jermaine Dye.  Nonetheless, priority NUMERO UNO must be trading for Roy Halladay.  What better way to rejuvenate the fan base by tucking Doc underneath the Christmas tree?  Pairing Roy Halladay with Johan Santana will bring the Mets right back into contention and will give them the best 1-2 punch in baseball.  I don’t want to hear how the Mets don’t have the prospects to get him.  One of the biggest myths is that the Mets have the worst minor-league system in baseball.  They don’t.  Actually, a lot of publications  have them rated higher than the Yankees.  They have the prospects to get this done.   If we have to accept Vernon Wells and his 100 million dollars owed the next 5 seasons then so be it.  Put him in left field.

orlando-hudson-hits-for-the-cycleNow after we load up the Doc, it is time to address second base, catcher, and first base.  I wouldn’t sign Holliday, Bay, or any other high priced free agent.  If we can’t trade for Halladay, I’d sign Lackey, but next year’s free agent class is 10x better than this one (Joe Mauer!!)  I would maybe think of signing Jermaine Dye to play left (if Vernon Wells is not included in Halladay trade) but that’s it.  You already know I want Castillo gone.  Trade him for whomever, whatever, it doesn’t matter.  Then, sign Orlando Hudson who has always wanted to play for the Mets to a 3 year, 10 million dollar deal.   For those who think I am being unrealistic, the O-dog signed for $1.5 million last year with the Dodgers.

With first base, I would give Murphy another shot, but only as a platoon.  Another trade I would explore is Jorge Cantu.  The Marlins don’t want to pay him, and this guy has always killed the Mets.  Cantu hit .289, with 16 HR’s and 100 RBI’s last season.  He would fit perfectly in the lineup. I love Omir Santos- His HR off Pablebum was amazing last season.  I would keep him on the roster, but he cannot catch everyday.  I would sign Bengie Molina (another guy who is dying to be a Met for some reason) for a 2 year deal.  This will allow prospect Josh Thole to develop a little more.  A combo of Santos/Molina is a lot better than most teams have at Catcher across baseball.

Of course there are other minor repairs that need to be made such as maybe signing Jon Garland or Randy Wolf as a third or fourth starter.  We also could use another lefty reliever to pair up with Feliciano and I would love if the team re-signed Alex Cora as our utility man.  Other players to look at would be Carlos Pena in Tampa who the Rays might want to trade and Mark DeRosa could also be an option at second base.  Nevertheless, the Mets must do something to peak the interests of this beaten fan base because ticket renewals are due in early December.

Projected Lineup:

1. Reyes (SS)

2. Hudson (2B)

3. Wright (3B)

4. Beltran (CF)

5. Cantu (1B)

6. Wells/Dye (LF)

7. Molina (C)

8. Francouer (RF)

Projected Rotation

1. Johan Santana

2. Roy Halladay

3. Randy Wolf/Jon Garland

4. Mike Pelfrey

5. Oliver Perez/John Maine

The doctor, signing off.


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