Curry returns to Practice Looks noticeably Thinner

November 11, 2009
Eddie Curry

He's bacckk..now the question is, for how long?

Eddy Curry has finally reached playing shape and practiced with the Knicks yesterday at their facility in Greenburgh. Curry, who’s been working with strength and conditioning coach Greg Brittenham, looked noticeably thinner than in past seasons. Britteham told reporters that he didn’t keep record of how much weight Curry lost but did say that he was around 320 pounds when the pair started working together and is at a svelte 295 pounds now. His teammate have noticed the weight change and told Curry that he looks very different.

Curry, once heralded as the franchise future said, “I feel real good right now. Just walking around, I feel light on my feet.”  

He will not be available tonight when the Hawks fly into town, but the Knicks need all the help they can get. Curry will make $11.3 million this year and can be used as a valuable trade asset to get the Knicks further down the cap for 2010. They hope that Curry can show he can still play the game and provide some much-needed size in the front court. He is expected to possibly make his first appearance sometime next week.

Nate Robinson may play tonight after he is evaluated by team doctors this morning. His old buddy from Rainier Beach High School and one of my favorite all-time Knicks, Jamal Crawford, will be swooping into the Garden with the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks (5-2) are coming off a playoff appearance last season and are off to a tremendous start thus far. Look for the old pals to sizzle on the court tonight for their reunion.


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