Mets looking to trade 2B Castillo

November 10, 2009

I’m sure my excitement is premature, but this news is something I thought I would never hear.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty obvious that Omar and company would love to get rid of this bum. But, who the hell would want a player who 90 percent of the time can’t get the ball out of the infield and drops potential game-winning pop ups against a hated rival? Well, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mets have approached the D’Backs about swapping Castillo for catcher Chris Snyder. Snyder, who hit 16 HR in 2008 but missed 100 games due to back surgery in 2009, will earn at least $11.5 million over the next two seasons, after which he can become a free agent.

Last night, Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com said the Cubs spoke with the Mets about swapping Castillo with OF Milton Bradley.  He also said the Mets approached the Blue Jays about sending Lyle Overbay to Citi Field, with Castillo going to the Cubs, and Bradley going to Toronto, but the deal was dismissed by multiple sources today.

I know it’s going to be a difficult trick to get rid of Luis, but it’s the right time to make the move. Castillo actually turned in a decent season last year and was one of the Mets most productive players. If the Mets can even get a single A reliever for him, then PLEASE do it immediately!!!  Then go out and trade for Roy Halladay….and take on Vernon Wells if that gets the trade done. 

In other news, Omar Minaya is set to meet with Scott Boras to discuss the initial price range for free agent outfielder Matt Holliday. I’ve seen some reports that the Mets are not willing to give Matt an eight-year deal and that they may take a serious look at Jermaine Dye. We’ll see what happens in the following weeks.



  1. i cant see how trading this guy makes sense right now plus he .317, he has a year left on his deal and I dont see Omar throwing a whole bunch of money at anyone else, what free agents 2nd baseman are on the market this year?

    • Luis Castillo is set to earn $6 mil this season. If they can trade him, they can then go out and sign Orlando Hudson who is a much better offensive and defense player, loves the Mets and wanted to sign here last season, and will come cheap (only signed with the dodgers for $2mil last year.) Would you rather have Hudson or Castillo at 2nd base? And for cheaper no less…

      Castillo is an OK player, and usually does hit for a high average. however, he has ZERO power and his defense is on a steady decline.

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