Philip Rivers Brings Misery to Giants….and Jets?

November 9, 2009


As a die-hard Jets fan, I sometimes don’t mind when I watch a QB dice up the Giants on way to a game-winning drive.  I guess it is a natural inclination to root against the other team in NY.  Nevertheless, for all you other Jets fans who smiled when Philip Rivers hit Vincent Jackson for six points yesterday, your rooting interests were misplaced. 

Philip Rivers and that victory could come back to bite us in the arse. 

For me, it’s never too early to start looking at the playoff picture.  I mean, when the Jets and Giants were both 3-0 this season, I began to wonder how both teams would be able to host Conference Championship games on the same day. LOL….what an idiot I look like now!  After doing some research (thanks Tim Graham, ESPN), I thought I’d let other Jets fans in on who we should be rooting for the rest of the season.  At 4-4, the Jets will likely need to go 6-2 (at minimum) to secure a wild-card berth.  The remaining schedule has both winnable games, and frightening ones (@ NE, @ Indy), but I think it is do-able. 

Below are the AFC standings heading into tonight’s matchup between the Steel Curtain and the Broncos.  They are listed by overall record (with division and conference records.)

None of the teams that are tied has played the other head-to-head, which is the first tiebreaker, with division record the second tiebreaker. Next is record against common opponents. Conference record comes fourth.

The Jets still have a shot at the division.  We play Jacksonville at home next weekend, while New England travels to undefeated Indy.  Assuming we win (yeah right) and the Patriots lose, the November 22 game against the Pats will be for the division lead.  Nonetheless, let’s just assume New England wins the division because honestly….would Jets fans expect anything to go their way?

So, tonight Jets fans:  root for the Broncos.  You don’t want another potential wild-card team to get cozy up there.


  1. Indianapolis Colts 8-0 (3-0, 4-0)
  2. Denver Broncos 6-1 (2-0, 5-1)
  3. Cincinnati Bengals 6-2 (4-0, 4-2)
  4. New England Patriots 6-2 (2-1, 4-2)
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2 (1-1, 3-1)
  6. San Diego Chargers 5-3 (3-1, 4-3)
  7. Houston Texans 5-3 (1-2, 4-3)
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4 (2-2, 3-2)
  9. Baltimore Ravens 4-4 (1-2, 4-3)
  10. New York Jets 4-4 (1-3, 4-3)
  11. Miami Dolphins 3-5 (3-1, 3-3)
  12. Buffalo Bills 3-5 (2-2, 1-4)


-Ill Will

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