Got a Clean Shave, Bathed went to a Rave…Died from an Overdose and Dug Myself up from outta my Grave

November 7, 2009

It's tough to love a losing team

Yessssir, I had to pull out some old Eminem lyrics and get nostalgic with you folks. In all seriousness I did bathe and probably got the best shave a guy can get from the barbershop. As I rode the subway through Dyker Heights in Brooklyn and made myself back to my home base in Manhattan I began to think about the terrible season the Mets had and how the Knicks have been nothing short of atrocious the past 8 years. See, for those of you who don’t know I bleed orange and blue. I love the Knicks and Mets as much as I love well.. life itself. As a fan of both those teams it’s hard to see them lose but it’s a euphoria only a die-hard fan knows about when they win. Like my girl B said, it’s a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare I’ll let you be the judge.

It would be easy for me to cop-out and say I like the Yankees, being that all and I mean ALL of my close friends are Yankee fans. It’s funny how they always call me a hater if I root against the Yanks and how it’s unethical for me to like a team who hasn’t got it together since 86′. Well for crying out loud you guys are the haters, yeah it’s been 2 decades since they last won a chip but motherfuckers I’m still cheering for THEM! You hate on my team cause we don’t win as often as the team from the Bronx, maybe you hate them because New Jersey doesn’t have a MLB team. Maybe you hate them because it’s cool to be a Yankee fan and hate the Mets. Whatever the case may be, you guys are the true haters. When was the last time a Yankee fan didn’t rub it in your face that they have 27 championships compared to our 2? How about giving me and MY team some credit for once, like hey it was all the injuries this year or else it would have been another subway series. Or you guys got fucked by Bernie Madoff I’ll tell George to holla at Fred to see if he can give him some investing advice. I mean come on…SOMETHING MAN SOMETHING!!

It can’t be like that EVER. Yankee fans are bred to naturally hate the Mets, in all honesty I think they may hate the Mets more than they hate the Red Sox who are in a complete other state for fucks sake! I can sit here and argue this fact for hours but It’s Saturday night and I’m trying to get my Patron and Grey Goose on. It’s all in good fun though and I love the friendly sometimes friendly competition that having 2 teams bring.

Thank God for the Knicks though, if New York had another basketball team in the confines of New York it would be complete pandemonium. New York is a sports town no doubt, but it’s a basketball town before anything else. We’ve produced some of the best players the world has ever seen. Madison Square Garden is hands down the ONE AND ONLY MECCA of basketball. Have you ever been to the Garden when the Knicks were winning in the playoffs,  especially during the years of 1992-1999? When the Knicks won a game during that time it was like they just won the championship. The place literally rocked and it seemed like all the basketball Gods were watching from above making sure that we got the right call from the ref or the right bounce off the rim. It was truly a feeling and sight to behold.

8 years of consecutive losing seasons and the way things are looking it might be 9 straight. I’ve blamed management, ownership, coaches, players and the weather for the losing. At the end of the day, I’m out of excuses. Has your mom ever smacked you so hard and unexpectedly that the first thing you feel is that cold painful tear building up in the corner of your eye that you are trying so hard not let stream down your face? Thats the feeling I got as I listened to the game announcers talking about the Knicks Cavs game last night.

Thank you ESPN basketball analyst Jeff Van Gundy. During the game all Jeff could say was how the team is bad not because of coaching or management but because they simply do not have the talent to win consistently in the NBA. He pointed out that the Knicks offense is predicated on shooting the ball well and that they have no size up front. If you don’t have talented enough shooters and you have no size up front how can you win? Suffice it to say, it’s a losing combination.

As I stared at my TV watching but most importantly listening, I realized that truth not revenge is a dish best served cold. I was told the raw truth and it hurt like a fucking bee sting to the eye, not like around your eye I mean a sting directly to the cornea. For 8 years I lied to myself, I tried to cover the truth and apparently I did a great job doing so. Truth is the Knicks suck and we are a long way from regaining our prominence. Even if Lebron comes next season, it would be an accomplishment to just win 40 games. I pray and hope that getting under the cap next season will at least allow us to improve, because for 8 years in a row the only thing the Knicks have done consistently is show up to games.

Thanks for reading…… I truly feel much better now than I did during my train ride home.


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