Yankees are team of the decade

November 6, 2009



The Yankees, with its 27th World Series championship, are officially the team of the decade



Now that the Yankees have won its 27th World Series championship, let the adulation begin.

Even though 2000 doesn’t technically count in this decade — for this post it will — the Yankees have gone to the World Series four times in the past 10 years and won twice. That’s twice as many World Series appearances than any other team in baseball since 2000.

They also have won 10 postseason series since 2000, two more than any other club in baseball during that time frame. In addition, the Yankees have the most wins – 965 – since 2000, 45 more wins than the second-winningest team, the Boston Red Sox.

So that’s nine playoff trips, four World Series appearances and two rings since 2000. The only team close enough to debate is the Red Sox, who have also won two rings in the same span. The Sox, however, are ranked second in wins (920), 95 -win seasons (six) and eight postseason series wins. Those all rank second behind the Yankees.

So is there even a debate?

Well, Phillies fans may have a gripe. Their team made it to back-to-back World Series. They won the National League twice in a row, and if they would have won this year, they would be only the third National League club in baseball history to win back to back titles.

However, the Phils only have three postseason appearances in the last ten years, and in 2000, when the Yankees were taking home its 4th title in five years, they were the losingest ball club in baseball, with 97 losses. They also don’t sport the most wins in the NL since 2000. The Cardinals, Dodgers and  Giants all won more games since the beginning of the decade.

The Cardinals, Braves and Dodgers also have double the amount of postseason appearances  (7, 6, 4 , respectively) than the Phillies.

So there it is.

The team of the 20th century is officially the team of the decade.

How do you like them apples.










  1. Who gives a fuck, honestly? Is there an award for this? How many years this decade did the Yankees NOT have the highest payroll in baseball? Ill answer for you….NONE. At least the Red Sox and Phillies earn what they get….

  2. lmfao… Met fan or jus an all around Yankee hater? ^^^

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