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Rangers Handle Their Business On The Road

November 6, 2009

Rangers Win Their 10th

The Rangers rebounded and rebounded in a big way on Thursday night defeating the Edmonton Oilers 4-2.  It was a complete effort by the entire team, especially Steve Valiquette who filled in very nicely in net for Henrik Lundqvist limiting the Oilers to only 2 goals. 

Coach John Tortorella obviously was in his players ears during Wednesdays practice because the Rangers skated for the entire 60 minutes.  There was not one time during that game when the win was in jeopardy.  The Rangers struck early and simply never showed any signs of letting up. 

An old sports adage goes “you can’t score if you don’t shoot”.  The Rangers on Thursday night were able to score multiple goals because of a season high 39 shots on goal.  They also took advantage when they were on the power play scoring three of the four goals on the power play.

Ales Kotalik had a huge night for the Rangers as he tallied three points with an amazing goal during the 2nd period from whom else but Marian Gaborik.  Gaborik and Callahan were constantly involved in the action as both recorded three-point nights. 

One play which stood out was during the second power play when Marian Gaborik made a beautiful pass to the point through two defenders setting up the slap shot goal by Kotalik.  


 And FYI, if you haven’t noticed, Marian Gabroik will be mentioned in approximately 93 percent of all of my hockey posts.  It’s not because I have a man crush, the guy is straight filthy and will be the biggest acquisition made by any team this entire season.  

Finally, the Rangers defense also came through last night as they killed off power play after power play after some lazy defense which in turn caused a few penalties.  Rozsival again was a non factor which is baffling after his strong play during the entire last season; however, Dan Girardi and Marc Staal played extremely well defensively completely shutting down the Oilers.  

 All in all, the win was solid and it was exactly what the Rangers needed to accomplish.  The Rangers have the night off tonight and will play a tough road game against the Calgary Flames on Saturday.  Look for the Rangers to skate well and leave it all on the ice again as it will be their last game till next Thursday.


 (10-6-1, 21 pts)
Flames                            Saturday 10:00pm    
 (9-4-1, 19 pts)

Free Pick for November 6th:  Toronto/Carolina Under 6 -115


When the Money Goes…rather where the Money Goes…

November 6, 2009

Yankee Money

Total Payroll from 2001 to 2009

Yankees- $1, 578, 299, 197

Red Sox- $1,087,054,090

Mets- $1,006,935,230

Marlins: $332,995,293

– The Yankees have spent almost 500 million dollars more than the Red Sox and only have half the championships in that period of time

– The Yankees have spent 1.2 Billion more than the Florida Marlins who have the same amount of championships in that period of time

– In 2009, the disparity in team salaries between the Yankees and the Mets who have the 1st and 2nd highest payrolls in the MLB are equivalent to the 2nd and 23rd highest payroll in the league which are the Mets and Orioles respectively.

** shout out to Joshua Blue on the number crunching


Yankees are team of the decade

November 6, 2009



The Yankees, with its 27th World Series championship, are officially the team of the decade



Now that the Yankees have won its 27th World Series championship, let the adulation begin.

Even though 2000 doesn’t technically count in this decade — for this post it will — the Yankees have gone to the World Series four times in the past 10 years and won twice. That’s twice as many World Series appearances than any other team in baseball since 2000.

They also have won 10 postseason series since 2000, two more than any other club in baseball during that time frame. In addition, the Yankees have the most wins – 965 – since 2000, 45 more wins than the second-winningest team, the Boston Red Sox.

So that’s nine playoff trips, four World Series appearances and two rings since 2000. The only team close enough to debate is the Red Sox, who have also won two rings in the same span. The Sox, however, are ranked second in wins (920), 95 -win seasons (six) and eight postseason series wins. Those all rank second behind the Yankees.

So is there even a debate?

Well, Phillies fans may have a gripe. Their team made it to back-to-back World Series. They won the National League twice in a row, and if they would have won this year, they would be only the third National League club in baseball history to win back to back titles.

However, the Phils only have three postseason appearances in the last ten years, and in 2000, when the Yankees were taking home its 4th title in five years, they were the losingest ball club in baseball, with 97 losses. They also don’t sport the most wins in the NL since 2000. The Cardinals, Dodgers and  Giants all won more games since the beginning of the decade.

The Cardinals, Braves and Dodgers also have double the amount of postseason appearances  (7, 6, 4 , respectively) than the Phillies.

So there it is.

The team of the 20th century is officially the team of the decade.

How do you like them apples.









Lebron James shows his Appreciation for NYC

November 6, 2009

Thanks LBJ!

Lebron James is giving back to one of his favorite places to play,  tomorrow with the help of Nike Basketball LBJ will be giving “the gift of the game” to 7 gyms for high school ballers across the 5 boroughs on New York City.

Take a look at his message above for the names and locations. Don’t forget to tune in tonight as the Knicks host the Cavs for their only visit to the New York.


In the words of Marv Albert: “Yesssss!!!!”

November 6, 2009
Nicole S

Gotta love Nicole


To Met or not to Met… that is the Question

November 6, 2009

Mets Logo

No, I’m not a bitter Met fan and no, I don’t hate the Yankees. I’m just making sure that I speak for the people and that ALL New York teams are represented equally on this site except for obviously the New Jersey Nets. Yes, I do hate the Nets. My bad NJ we just got some bad blood between us that I’m not going to get into.

So Met fans, its been a long and frustrating time for us since we last appeared in the 2006 NLCS. It seemed so long ago when we thought  that we finally righted our ship had the pieces in place and were knocking on the door of a possible dare I say;World Series Championship. Well, things don’t always go to seem as planned. We were knocked out of  2 consecutive NL east title races and were drained by injuries or Bernie Madoff this past season. Whichever makes you go to sleep at night.

What do we have to look forward to next season? The current NL east champs will be back with their core of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Jayson Werth, Raul Ibanez, Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino. While the Mets have Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Johan Santana, Frankie Rodriguez, and Jose Reyes returning. It’s been a battle with the Phillies since I can remember and by the way things turned out so far, they’ve got 1 if not 2 legs up on us.

The Mets and the front office have a lot to worry about this winter. Omar Minaya is more than likely hanging on to his job by the skin of his teeth and he has a lot of holes to fill with this current Met team. Will the Wilpons be as patient this season if Omar fails to bring any starting pitching, bullpen help, corner outfielders and a 1st baseman? Or did this Ponzi scheme really take a toll on the billionaires and they are thinking about selling the team?

Forget the Wilpons, how about the fans? The Mets currently own the 2nd largest payroll in all of Major League Baseball at $149,373,987. The team with the largest payroll just brought home a championship on Wednesday. Mets fans have suffered and endured countless injuries and a team that seems to not have what it takes to get the job done. With this economy the Mets will not be able to pick players off from free agency by luring them to New York with the big bucks. They are going to have to demonstrate that they have a team in place that will be competitive and will still be playing baseball in the brisk evenings of October.

Stay tuned Met fans this winter is sure going to be interesting.


The King is in Town, Knicks Host Cavs @ Madison Square Garden

November 6, 2009

New York Knicks LogoTipoff- 8:00PM


Radio- 1050AM

Projected Starting Lineups

Cleveland Cavaliers

PG- Mo Williams

SG- Anthony Parker

SF- Lebron James

PF- Anderson Varejao

C- Shaquille O’neal

New York Knicks

PG- Chris Duhon

SG- Larry Hughes

SF- Danilo Gallinari

PF- Wilson Chandler

C- David Lee