Core 4 at it again

November 5, 2009
*Nov 05 - 00:05*

20 Rings Combined


In 1996, four young, aspiring athletes came up from the minor league depths together, itching to put their mark on a storied franchise and end the Yankees 18 year World Series drought. 13 years later, those same four celebrate again, this time having collected  20 rings among them.

Posada. Jeter. Mariano. Pettitte. Four players who have etched their names into Yankee lore and will forever be remembered with the likes of Mantle, DiMaggio and Berra.

Did anybody think that Andy wouldn’t be up to the challenge? Well, there were some detractors — ESPN for one — but Andy proved it doesn’t matter how many days rest one has, just how much heart.World Series Phillies Yankees Baseball

He pitched with guile and strategy while maneuvering through a dangerous Phillies lineup. He gave the Yankees damn near six good innings. And that’s all he needed to. This championship was won before Game 6 started. Pettitte or Pedro? I’ll take the guy with 18 postseason wins, the most all-time, for the biggest game of the year.

The irony in WS ring No. 27  were the catalysts in  Game 6. Pettitte closed out every playoff series this year. The first three playoff series in the new stadium’s history, matter of fact. The Great Mariano closed them all out. Posada caught both pitchers, and Jeter contributed an above .350 batting average for the playoffs.

The old guys are at it again. And I bet this one was just as sweet.

Posada. Pettitte. Mariano. Jeter.

Official Yankee legends.


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