‘Slumping Rangers Need To Rebound’

November 4, 2009
New York Rangers Statue Logo

Broadway Blueshirts need to pick it up

The New York Rangers began the year 8-1-0, but as of late, the Rangers have been slumping.  Injuries can plainly devastate a team’s potential to win games.  After being injured last week in the 5-2 victory against the Phoenix Coyotes, Marian Gaborik has been sidelined resulting in a 1-3-0 record by the Rangers over those four games.

In order for the Rangers to be consistently successful, it is crucial for the Rangers to pick up the slack when guys are out due to injury.  This is what constitutes a good team because good teams find ways to win games.  If we know that our offensive star is going to be out it should be the main prerogative of the rest of the team to be defensive minded and try to grind out a victory.

Over these last four games, the Rangers have looked pathetic.  In the first meeting of the season against a very average Islanders team, we saw the Rangers being out skated, out hit, and basically looked uninspired against a hated rival.  There was a ‘vicious vato’ hit (it was clean), made on Callahan at the blue line that did not even invoke the slightest bit of anger or hard play.  There was no effort and was actually quite disgusting to watch live.  Luckily I left after the first period to catch game one of the World Series, albeit that was tough to stomach as well.

The Rangers remain away from the Garden for a couple more games and will be playing decent opponents over the next few weeks (Calgary, Ottawa, Washington).  If the effort does not resemble that which was put forth at the start of the season, the Rangers could find themselves’ barely hovering over the .500 mark after a tremendous start.  Throughout the course of the season, teams will suffer losses to player injuries and slumps.  Good teams however minimize the length of these slumps and turn it around quickly.  It will be interesting to see how the Rangers respond.  After last’s night’s loss 1-0 loss to the Canucks, expect the Rangers to skate hard tomorrow night.

Next Game: Thursday November 5th 9:30 Eastern

Rangers (9-6-1, 19 pts)

Oilers (7-7-1, 15 pts)


Free Pick: San Jose V. Columbus- Under 5 1/2 -115

Jam of the Moment: Oh Really? -KRS1/ Buckshot/ Talib k


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