November 4, 2009

A case even unsolved mysteries couldn't crack.....

Have you seen this man?  He was once heralded as the next great big man to fill the void left by #33.  “E-City” right?  lol……more like “E-Sloppy”.  Where in the hell is Eddy Curry. This man went from being on the cusp of being an all-star to being completely irrelevant from the Orange & Blue.

Once Donnie Walsh came in to clean up Isiah’s huge mess, you knew Eddy Curry was gone.  And Knick fans were ok with this.  You knew he wasn’t going to amount to much, so might as well get rid of his fat ass and fat contract.  But this hasn’t worked either!  Coach D and the front office’s attempt to “fatten him up” and display him for trade bait has failed miserably for the simple fact that he can’t even get on the court!

Ok, he can have last year, he lost part of his family and dealt with a felonious legal battle.  Anyone with half a heart would feel for the guy.  But this year!?  He comes into camp and tears a calf muscle that 50% of the population don’t even have! According to the coach, he lost 40 pounds…..but still not in shape….lol.  According to coach, he should be back at the conclusion of training camp…Hey Coach….we’re 4 games into the season!  Get it togther!


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