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Yankees vs. Phillies Game 6, Tonight 7:57 First Pitch!

November 4, 2009

And here...we.....go!


No need to ask who we’re rooting for………


Gus Johnson Apologizes for Comment

November 4, 2009
gus johnson n pat

Work for the Knicks?? hahahahaha!

Gus Johnson for those who are not familiar is a play by play sportscaster for CBS Sports, Showtime, The MSG Network, The Big Ten Network and Strikeforce mixed martial arts. He is well known for his loud screaming during March Madness and T.O.N.Y Sports loves him including myself!

Gus recently apologized for making a controversial comment about Titans running back Chris Johnson this past Sunday as he broke for a 52 yard TD run.

“He’s got getting away from the cops speed!!” Gus excitedly yelled while making the call for the Titans Jaguars game on CBS.  Gus who is of African American descent gave this statement to USA Today yesterday:

“If there is a perception of  racism in this analogy, it is not coming from me. People of all races have run from the law. However to those offended , I apologize.”

The apology is more than likely coming off the heels of Bob Griese’s recent suspension by ESPN when he had the following to say about race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya,

“he’s out having a taco”

WOW, that was pretty ignorant on Bob’s part being that Juan is Colombian and not Mexican but Gus, I’m not mad at you and neither is anyone from T.O.N.Y Sports homie, keep yelling at those games and tell MSG that you need to replace Mike Breen for all home Knick games!


Dirty Ketchup

November 4, 2009
Hines Ward

He works in the Dirt but plays in the Sky

According to a Sports Illustrated poll of 296 NFL players, Hines Ward is the dirtiest player in the league today. Chinedum Ndukwe of the Bengals said that Ward is a “blind side guy”

Go figure that 2 defending Superbowl Champs made the list.

Top 10 below:

1. Hines Ward- Steelers

2. Alvin Haynesworth- Redskins

3. Joey Porter- Dolphins

4. Roy Wiliams- Bengals

5. Kevin Mawae- Titans

6. Cortland Finnegan- Titans

7. Richie Incognito- Rams

8. Harvey Dahl- Falcons

9. Troy Polamalu- Steelers

10. Jared Allen- Vikings

Ray Lewis, Bart Scott and Shawn Merriman made the honorable mention list.


Yankees vs. Phillies Game 6 Poll

November 4, 2009






November 4, 2009

Donnie Darko

Laughing my f**king ass off at C. Black’s post on Eddie Curry, where is that guy anyway?

Who cares we got a new center and you most likely will not catch him at your local Kennedy Fried chicken. His name is Darko Milicic or in Serbian Дарко Миличић. Gotta love Wikipedia baby! The only thing I knew about Darko before coming to the Knicks is that he was drafted 2nd overall in the 2003 NBA draft after LBJ and before Melo. Also, that  the consensus around the L is that he never really lived up the expectations of a lottery pick with career averages of 5.5 ppg and 4.0 rpg over the course of 6 NBA seasons.

So I was not so enthused when Donnie Walsh acquired the 24-year-old 7 footer  for Quentin Richardson and cash considerations during the off-season. However, I did watch him during summer league and preseason and he impressed me with his shot blocking ability (1.2 BPG career average) and passing skill. Given our offensive scheme and Mike D’antoni’s infatuation with foreign-born players, I really think that Darko can contribute some effective minutes and prove to the league that he isn’t as bad as we all think he is.

Darko has size and runs the court very well for a 7 footer, he is also only 24 years old. He has played professionally since he was 17 and in 2006 led the Serbian national team to a FIBA World Championship. In his final game to clinch, he was matched up against reigning 2009 NBA champion Pau Gasol and put up 18 points 15 rebounds and 3 blocks. Though he didn’t play much, he was the youngest player ever (18 years old) in the NBA to win a title with the Pistons in 2004.

The lineup has been switched 3 times already in the past 4 games and it looks like coach has found his rotation but David Lee still is playing out of position at the 5 spot. What can it hurt to move D Lee to the PF position and start Darko at the center? He will give the Knicks a much-needed inside presence on both ends of the floor. His shot blocking ability can only help us on our already porous defense and the guy looks to be happy passing and blocking rather than chucking up shots.

This will also free up D Lee to play against players more his size. He’s been playing out of position for 3 seasons already and puts up close to a double double every night. I’d like to see what he can do playing the PF position for an entire season alongside a true center. This will  allow us to either sign him long-term and pair him up with an incoming free agent in 2K10 or to part with him since he will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

I really believe that thrusting him into the starting lineup alongside a combination of Duhon, Hughes, Gallinari and Lee would show him how valuable an asset his size and athleticism can be. With Eddy Curry nowhere to be found, the Knicks should give the only big man they have on the team a shot to prove his worth. The Knicks have already been penned as lottery bound again this year but it doesn’t matter since that pick is owned by the Utah Jazz. I know about the 2010 plan and keeping under the cap yada yada yada, but I don’t know about the rest of you Knick fans, this one isn’t ready to settle for a 9th franchise record losing season regardless of who’s on the team. START DARKO!!!


27 outs to No. 27

November 4, 2009
Yankee skipper Joe Girardi

Critics have questioned Joe Girardi's managerial moves this postseason, but the Yankees are only one win away from their 27th championship

The biggest debate among sports media outlets for Monday’s World Series Game 5 was whether Yankee skipper Joe Girardi should start the $82.5 million man, AJ Burnett, on short rest, or go with Major League journeyman, Chad Gaudin.

Many critics — most from the biggest Yankee hater, ESPN — criticized Girardi’s decision to pitch Burnett over Gaudin, and from the outcome of Game 5, it may seem as if Girardi made the wrong decision. I disagree.

Gaudin had not pitched a meaningful inning in 30 days, and what most critics forgot is that, he’s Chad Gaudin. A journeyman with a plus 5 ERA in the National League, where left-handed hitters bat a robust .400 against him. Last time I checked, the Phillies biggest bats are left-handed.

Did anyone want Ryan Howard to regain his power stroke off a scrub like Gaudin? I sure as hell didn’t, and I’d bet my house that would have been the case. Howard would have devoured Gaudin like a fat kid staring at a red velvet cake after Ramadan.

Granted, Burnett got lit like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween, but did anyone think Gaudin would have faired any better? OK, I know what you’re thinking “The Yanks were 6-0 in his starts this year!” While that’s true, Gaudin started those game against primarily right-handed laden lineups, and by starting him in Game 5, Girardi would, without saying, acquiesced the game.

And that’s not how you coach, whether it be in Little League or the World Series. As my favorite Jets coach once said, “HELLO! You play to win the game!”

My point exactly.

Girardi went for the knockout punch. I can’t blame him for that. Unfortunately, Burnett whiffed on the haymaker and fell hopelessly through the ropes. But the Yanks have two games to win one for No. 27, and who better to have on the mound than Andy Pettite.

Cry all you want about Andy pitching on three days rest. Pettite is a big-game pitcher and owns a  3-1 record with a sub 3 ERA in five playoff starts on short rest. His worst outing on short rest, Game 6 of the 2001 WS against the Arizona Diamondbacks, was when he was notoriously tipping his pitches.

And does anyone think Pedro will throw another gem like he did in Game 2?  I don’t.

The Yankees are fierce against pitchers they’ve seen more than once, let alone twice in six days. I just don’t see Pedro navigating through the gauntlet that is the Yankee lineup…again.

With Jeter, Damon, ARod and Posada all hitting on all cylinders, I just don’t see him letting up less than four runs. The Yanks couldn’t buy a hit against Game 1 starter Cliff Lee, but the second time around, the Yanks dropped five runs on the “unhittable” Lee. And Lee won the Cy Young last year. So what would make you think that they couldn’t get to Pedro?

Pedro will pitch his first game of the post season on five days rest. His other two starts were on more than 8 days rest each. As the old adage goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Pedro isn’t fooling anyone tonight.

In the words of Curtis Jackson — 50 Cent to all you hip-hop novices — tonight, the Yankees will be “poppin’ them thangs.” Dom Perignon for everyone. Let’s fuckin’ go.


‘Slumping Rangers Need To Rebound’

November 4, 2009
New York Rangers Statue Logo

Broadway Blueshirts need to pick it up

The New York Rangers began the year 8-1-0, but as of late, the Rangers have been slumping.  Injuries can plainly devastate a team’s potential to win games.  After being injured last week in the 5-2 victory against the Phoenix Coyotes, Marian Gaborik has been sidelined resulting in a 1-3-0 record by the Rangers over those four games.

In order for the Rangers to be consistently successful, it is crucial for the Rangers to pick up the slack when guys are out due to injury.  This is what constitutes a good team because good teams find ways to win games.  If we know that our offensive star is going to be out it should be the main prerogative of the rest of the team to be defensive minded and try to grind out a victory.

Over these last four games, the Rangers have looked pathetic.  In the first meeting of the season against a very average Islanders team, we saw the Rangers being out skated, out hit, and basically looked uninspired against a hated rival.  There was a ‘vicious vato’ hit (it was clean), made on Callahan at the blue line that did not even invoke the slightest bit of anger or hard play.  There was no effort and was actually quite disgusting to watch live.  Luckily I left after the first period to catch game one of the World Series, albeit that was tough to stomach as well.

The Rangers remain away from the Garden for a couple more games and will be playing decent opponents over the next few weeks (Calgary, Ottawa, Washington).  If the effort does not resemble that which was put forth at the start of the season, the Rangers could find themselves’ barely hovering over the .500 mark after a tremendous start.  Throughout the course of the season, teams will suffer losses to player injuries and slumps.  Good teams however minimize the length of these slumps and turn it around quickly.  It will be interesting to see how the Rangers respond.  After last’s night’s loss 1-0 loss to the Canucks, expect the Rangers to skate hard tomorrow night.

Next Game: Thursday November 5th 9:30 Eastern

Rangers (9-6-1, 19 pts)

Oilers (7-7-1, 15 pts)


Free Pick: San Jose V. Columbus- Under 5 1/2 -115

Jam of the Moment: Oh Really? -KRS1/ Buckshot/ Talib k



November 4, 2009

A case even unsolved mysteries couldn't crack.....

Have you seen this man?  He was once heralded as the next great big man to fill the void left by #33.  “E-City” right?  lol……more like “E-Sloppy”.  Where in the hell is Eddy Curry. This man went from being on the cusp of being an all-star to being completely irrelevant from the Orange & Blue.

Once Donnie Walsh came in to clean up Isiah’s huge mess, you knew Eddy Curry was gone.  And Knick fans were ok with this.  You knew he wasn’t going to amount to much, so might as well get rid of his fat ass and fat contract.  But this hasn’t worked either!  Coach D and the front office’s attempt to “fatten him up” and display him for trade bait has failed miserably for the simple fact that he can’t even get on the court!

Ok, he can have last year, he lost part of his family and dealt with a felonious legal battle.  Anyone with half a heart would feel for the guy.  But this year!?  He comes into camp and tears a calf muscle that 50% of the population don’t even have! According to the coach, he lost 40 pounds…..but still not in shape….lol.  According to coach, he should be back at the conclusion of training camp…Hey Coach….we’re 4 games into the season!  Get it togther!


In the words of Marv Albert: “Yesssss!!!!”

November 4, 2009

Ay Dios Mio......

Tammy Torres getting her Louie swag on….


Knicks versus Pacers @ Madison Square Garden

November 4, 2009

New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers tonight @ 7:30PM New-York-Knicks-Logo-new-york-knicks-37351_400_300


Radio- 1050 AM

Indiana Pacers Projected Starting Lineup

PG- T.J. Ford

SG- Brandon Rush

SF- Danny Granger

PF- Troy Murphy Damon Dahntay Jones (thanks Al Trautwig)

C- Roy Hibbert

New York Knicks Projected Starting Lineup

PG- Chris Duhon

SG- Larry Hughes

SF- Danilo Gallinari

PF- Wilson Chandler

C- David Lee